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Here we are, the offers for August are still on.
If you are having a party or indian wedding soon, don´t hesitate to contact us, we are in the city and we will sure make an appointment to meet whenever it suits you best, weekends included.

Remember here at the online store with the catalog of pictures and prices, there is a FAQ or frequently asked questions that may be of help:
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Monday, April 12, 2010

¡Nueva web,!

Inauguramos una nueva web de venta de ropa india online, con el catálogo de fotos y precios,,

con los productos más vendidos, saris, blusas para saris ya confeccionadas, conjuntos Bollywood, trajes étnicos.
Encontrarás una amplia variedad de modelos y colores, todos únicos y seleccionados personalmente, con la experiencia de varios años y el conocimiento por haber vivido y trabajado en ese hermoso país.
El pago es por transferencia bancaria/contrareembolso, y el envío es muy rápido, desde Barcelona, nacional e internacional, por correo certificado/mensajería privada.
Hay saris para bodas, fiestas, y otros más sencillos y económicos, tarda dos, tres días por correos certificado a España. Descuentos por cantidades y venta al por mayor también.
Otros artículos disponibles: pantalones afganos, ropa para danza Bollywood, punjabi suit, kurta pajama, bombachos, afganos, complementos y accesorios de decoración para la danza y bodas, sábanas y manteles, pañuelos, cubresofás, camisas, blusas, tapices en algodón vatik, etc.
Haciendo doble click o click en cada foto de podrás verla con más detalle, agrandada, y apreciar la cenefa, el bordado, la calidad.
Espero tu llamada o e-mail, respondo al e-mail a diario, y envío rápido.
Espero que en esta web encontréis el artículo que estáis buscando.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Carnival time!

Every Carnival time in February, many saris and salwar kameez or punjabi suit are sold here in Spain and worlwide. Here is a pic of some of my customers in Pais Vasque, thanks Nekane!
Now for spring season lots of sarees are sold for wedding parties, I have bride and bridegroom outfits, also accesories and blouses and petticoats, all the garments concerned with sarees and punjabi suit. Contact me at my e-mail, or don´t hesitate to call me, shipping worlwide.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

¡Es Carnaval!

Estamos a las puertas del Carnaval, y se siguen vendiendo saris y prendas indias como siempre, y más especialmente estas semanas. En algunos lugares la fiesta se prolonga durante todo el mes de Febrero y hasta la primera semana de Marzo. Podéis tener vuestro pedido en 24 horas con postal exprés o mensajería privada, y por Correos certificado es rápido en 2, 3 días lo tenéis en vuestra casa. Me podéis llamar o e-mail a, con el código/s de saris/articulos que os gustan y enseguida os los aparto. Pago por transferencia bancaria, y envío rapidísimo!,
Buen Carnaval,!! espero vuestras fotos !!

Aquí unas fotos de la Cabalgata de Reyes pasada, ¡Gracias Cristina de Dos Hermanas, Sevilla, y compañeras!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Benares- Varanasi

Benarés or Varanasi, city of the north of India, is in the state of Uttar Pradesh, the northern border of the Ganges river.
It is located in a fertile region in which sugar cane and cereals are grown. The city is also an important commercial center.
Brocades of silk, gold thread and silver are woven, filigree works and brass articles. Benarés is all year crowded with Indian pilgrims, you will distinguish by his dhotis or lunghis tied to the height of the knee, the shaved women, their different type of jewelry.

There are some buildings constructed during the sixteenth century, although the kingdom of Kashi occupied its present location in the antiquity. The Hindus consider the city holy; the travellers arrive at Benarés from everywhere and the stories of these pilgrimages go back to century VII.
Great multitudes meet along the sacred river Ganges, where embankments (or ghats) lead to the water. The Hindus think that the immersion in the Ganges purifies the sins and that to die in its borders leads to salvation; some ghats are used for the funeral pyres.

From Ramnagar, through the river, the city of Benarés gives a splendor impression that dissipates when watching with more attention. The narrow streets windingly wind between painted buildings or workings, many of which have hanging galleries.

Between more than 1,000 temples, the most known are the mosque of Aurangzeb, the observatory of the crack Jai Singh and the temple of Durga (both constructed in century XVII) and most sacred of all the temples, the Bisheshwar, or Gilded temple.

Benarés is also an erudition center, in special for the study of sanskrit, developed in the School of Benarés (1971) and receives economic subventions of the government. The Hindu University of Benarés (1916) was the first denominational university of India; also it is the seat of the Varanasaya-Sanskrit University, founded on 1958.

The population (2001) is 1.100.748 inhabitants.
Ganges (in hindi, Ganga; in bengalí, Padma), is the most important river of the Indian subcontinent. It is born in the southern slope of the Himalayas corresponding to the state of Uttar Pradesh, in the north of India.
The river basin of the Ganges, one of the most fertile regions of the world and also one of the most densely populated, extends between the Himalayas and the Vindhya hills, including more than 1.000.000 of km2 of surface.

The Ganges, that has a length of about 2,510 km, is born in an ice field between three mountains of the Himalayas that surpass 6,700 meters. Born like Bhagirathi river from a cave of ice 3,139 ms high, it descends to a rate of 67 ms by kilometer. To about 16 km of distance there is the temple of Gangotri, the first in its border and a center of traditional peregrination. In Devaprayag, 214 km of its birth, Bhagirathi is united to the Alaknanda river and together they form the Ganges.

Ganges is for the Hindu a holy river par excellence, as it is demonstrated in the numerous religious ceremonies that are celebrated in the cities by which it runs, like Benarés, Haridwar and Allahabad.


Bollywood is the movie industry in India, located in the financial and economic capital of the country, Bombay. It produces the greater amount of annual films, more than Hollywood. The Indian town is a great consumer of its native cinema. Also there is industry in Chennai, in its regional language, Tamil, and in other languages, like Bengali, Bhojpuri, etc.

The actors are very popular and admired, in this democracy with no royalty, the actors add the touch of glamour in the social panorama. Don´t miss an Indian movie in your trip in India, it's all an experience.

The dance items have always left me flabbergasted, they are so exotic! The term Bollywood masala movie, or film masala means a mixture of all genres. Masala means spicy, but also mix.
In the film you will see that both main characters are about to kiss each other when the bad one suddenly starts a persecutions scene. After that action scene, here comes again a romantic scene. This is so chaotic, weird and surrealistic for western audiences. There is also independent, minority, reivindicative cinema in India. Everything is not mainstream, although entertainment is still the main option.

My favorite actor, a former Indian model, called John Abraham, is the handsome guy of the moment. And her eternal fiancèe, Bipasha Basu.. In my next life I want to be Bipasha, je je.
Favorite my peli is of them, Jism. The cool couple are widely exposed in the press daily.
Jism, a 2003 thriller that also united to this pair in the real life. Many queens of the beauty happen to make films, like Aishwarya RAI, Universal Miss in the decade of the 90. Rani Mukherjee is another actress who works much in Bollywood, from the last decade. It is the premium of Kajol, in these cinematographic dynasties abound the relations although they are very distant.
Aishwarya is most international of the actresses of Hollywood, although some put in doubt their talent as actress, and has participated like jury in festivales like the one of Cannes, does few years. Of it is quoted at the moment. Some last films of them are ´The mistress of spices´, or ´Pride and prejudice´, and classic like ´Devdas´, with SRK.

´Devdas´ also has like protagonist to Madhuri Dixit, that was without a doubt the queen of the 90. Was also considered it like a magnificent actress, very expressive. Now it is retirement, and dedicated to his family. She was a great dancer.

Devdas - Maar Dala A great success in capital letters of the 90. Maar dala, kill me, means. A great India tragedy, cradle in the book of Rabindranath Tagore.

Preity Zinta is an actress panjabi very wanted also, actress less sensual than Bipasha, more intellectual. But very likeable, with its characteristic dimples.
Preity Zinta participates in great productions and successes of the hand of the sagradas cows of the Indian cinema, like Amitabh Bacchan, the gentleman sesentón of the knob that you will see in all the fences and announcements of TV. And SRK, that is Shah Rukh Khan, the guaperas official, although I do not see much him the guapura, go to tastes, will be… He has already more than 40 and he follows of official gallant.

Another famous marriage of actors of Hollywood is Ajay Devgan and Kajol, she was like Julia Roberts in America, India's girlfriend, precocious actress. It is action hero, the hard type of Bollywood. It has returned east year to work of the hand of Amir Khan in ´Fanaa´, super hit of the summer. She pleases much since she is very natural and extroverted, and causes that to act it seems so easy! She is one of the great ones, next to Madhuri Dixit.

Old glories like Hema Malini, the prettiest girl of the years 60 and 70, who still causes commentaries when she appears in screen in the cinemas due to his beauty. She continues working, although her daughter Esha Deol has been it happening. Abhishek Bacchan has done the same with its father, Amitabh Bacchan, and until they work together. Rekha, Azmi Savannah, are actresses of the years 80 that still follow in active-duty.

Now there is a film, the success of ticket office of the season, call Khrish, the second thousands part of ¨Koy gaya¨, remake from E.T to the India of few years ago that it was a supersuccess. Also Fana, with Kajol is being peliculón. The gallant or hero in Fana is Amir Khan, an actor polifacético and admired by his talent, a species from Robert de Niro to India. The film has supposed the return of Kajol after several years retired by its maternity, treats on the Muslim terrorism in Kashmir, with the history of love of bottom of a small blind person.

There are sagas of actors, of 2 or 3 generations, like the Kapoor, with his two sisters, one already retirement, the Karishma, and youngest one, Kareena. Salman Khan belongs to the trio of Khan, or Muslim actors in the Hindu majority, although this last one has given more than to speak by its behavior to the margin of the law, and later judgments. It has generated much controversy. The life of the actors of Bollywood is followed by means very close by and to newspaper. The Indian cinema recycle many films of Hollywood, makes its versions, does remakes of old glories of the Indian classic cinema. In general it is repeated much, but also the forms have been modernized. It surprises that always it deals with wealthy and millionaire families, in a country where these are as soon as 20%.

Everyone knows lyrics and songs of more of those whole times, as well as dialogues. The sound tracks of the new films of each season devastate and they are heard throughout, in ringtones, that walk crazy by them, in the weddings, the radio, TV, in the compulsive tarareo of people who happen through the street, etc. Already you know that the Indian is a very musical town.

From this decade actresses more behaved sexis, like Mallika Shewarat, Priyanka Chopra, Sameera Reddy etc, that do put in photos of supplements that do not let anything envy to the western ones. Films like ´Murder´, Murder, thriller something raised of tone for the India mentality, so mojigata and preservative opened the wave of clónicas to teach body. It was a hit box office film of 2004. It treats on a pair of lovers whom they assassinate to the husband of her. He is graceful which always they are filmed in Thailand or other countries, always outside India…
The actor who interprets all almost, is Emram Hasmi, a Muslim not very attractive in my opinion, that gives more laughter me than another thing. In English they call it ´man slut´, that is gulf or something worse, je je, of as much paper play boy that it does not stop to interpret. The only one which I have liked of him is ´Gangster´, of this year, and not by him indeed… You will see that the films Indians are autocensuran, as the society demands to them. There is no kiss front hardly, all are of backs, je je. And by all means, nothing of naked, more hard is to teach to the protagonist everything wet after a monzónico shower, but taking sari or punjabi, by all means! Everything is so chaste and so pure. In the musical numbers, the protagonists occur literal tumbles by a mountain down, in incomparable bucolic marks, and she already is, we must get it…

Music plays an important role in the films, rare she is the one that does not have only a musical number of sings and dances folk, or modern, by far virtuosity and suits of the thousands and one night. For world-wide years SRK it has been mounting tours that take more to the actors quoted by countries with much India population, like the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, etc. The establishment consists of Preity Zinta, Rani Mukherjee, and new faces like sex Priyanka boom Chopra, who acts in ´Krish´, next to Rhritik Roshan, the plus cool doubts Bollywood. Although for me but cool it is Ajay Devgan. without I like in individual, but I recognize its elegance to him. The film ´Water´, of Deepa Mehta, I have seen east year it in the vacations in Spain. Here in unnoticed India there is past, or perhaps vetoed, so that it accuses the situation of the widows in the years 30, when they prohibited them to return to marry, and many families sent them to houses of widows to undo of them. It is a tragic history of love with John Abraham of protagonist. To me it gives me just as they say that he is not good actor: -)

I prefer cinema with a little message that the intrascendente comedy of families, malentendidos, and weddings (what obsession has the Indians with the scenes of weddings in the films). Although the dances, classic or modern, to me continue leaving with the open mouth: -) And kitsch that distills still admires to me more: -)
Years ago, in 2003 we traveled to Goa by days in winter, and in a hotel of Bombay they walked looking for extra for an India film. We scored and on the following day they took us to the studies, where by 500 rupias I could see as they record of slow and they repeat 100 million times the same scenes. It was the film of Salman Khan and Priyanka Chopra ´Muhjse saadi karogi´Te you want to marry with me, was great taquillazo soon. In those studies they simulated the coast of Goa and was full therefore of other tourists doing of extras, next to the Indian extras, authentic professionals. It was amused, although only by a day already it was sufficient.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Videos about Benares

View of Benares from the Ganges

On The Ganges River

'Maha arti' by the Gangas, Varanasi

Ganges' sons

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Our stock

Silk scarves is one of the best sellers. They are made in handlooms in the city and they are a colourful souvenir of India. These scarfs take 4 to 7 days to weave. They have very old indian designs, like the city, more than 2000 years old.
Motives and figures like the rose, the flower pot, the pajhli or kashmiri feather, are very present. You can not find these scarfs out of Benares, at least at the affordable price you will find in the city. Benares is definately the city of the silks.
How to test silk, as there are many kinds, mixes, etc? Raw silk, paper silk, and so many qualities in each pure silk. By burning one the threads of the side of the scarf. If it´s real silk it smells like protein, like human hair, it is the silk cocoon. If not, it smells of plastic, and the carbon doens´t come out, like it does in the silk ones.

Bed covers are wonderful in pure silk, also there are mixes with cotton, synthetics, and so on. Prices starting from 1000 rupees till thousands of euros. The price depends on the work and the materials used in them.
Fabrics of linen, cotton, wool, and sinthetic materials are in our stock as well, tough we know the western choice for natural fabrics.

Available are many readymade articles like fisherman trousers, sarouel, ladies tops, kurtas for man, kaftans, skirts, Bollywood outfit, etc, western and indian design.

Vatik is a 30 years old printing techniques that is very fashionable nowadays. It is used as wall hanging, in different sizes, but also comes in cotton bed press, t´shirts, lunghis, etc. Motives painted by hand in colourful wax of gods, goddeses, countryside scenery, working, dancing, abstract, the sun and the moon, romantic scenes, even erotic, of the kamasutra!!