Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Our stock

Silk scarves is one of the best sellers. They are made in handlooms in the city and they are a colourful souvenir of India. These scarfs take 4 to 7 days to weave. They have very old indian designs, like the city, more than 2000 years old.
Motives and figures like the rose, the flower pot, the pajhli or kashmiri feather, are very present. You can not find these scarfs out of Benares, at least at the affordable price you will find in the city. Benares is definately the city of the silks.
How to test silk, as there are many kinds, mixes, etc? Raw silk, paper silk, and so many qualities in each pure silk. By burning one the threads of the side of the scarf. If it´s real silk it smells like protein, like human hair, it is the silk cocoon. If not, it smells of plastic, and the carbon doens´t come out, like it does in the silk ones.

Bed covers are wonderful in pure silk, also there are mixes with cotton, synthetics, and so on. Prices starting from 1000 rupees till thousands of euros. The price depends on the work and the materials used in them.
Fabrics of linen, cotton, wool, and sinthetic materials are in our stock as well, tough we know the western choice for natural fabrics.

Available are many readymade articles like fisherman trousers, sarouel, ladies tops, kurtas for man, kaftans, skirts, Bollywood outfit, etc, western and indian design.

Vatik is a 30 years old printing techniques that is very fashionable nowadays. It is used as wall hanging, in different sizes, but also comes in cotton bed press, t´shirts, lunghis, etc. Motives painted by hand in colourful wax of gods, goddeses, countryside scenery, working, dancing, abstract, the sun and the moon, romantic scenes, even erotic, of the kamasutra!!

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